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Hotmail inboxAll of us have either used or know someone who uses MSN Hotmail Inbox at some point of time in our lives. All of us know it. So when was the last time that you accessed your account? What do you mean you don’t have one? Or probably it’s the name that seems confusing?
Don’t worry, it is the same good old HoTMaiL that we have known all these years and that was founded in 1996 by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith and commercially launched on 4 July 1996.
At that time, it meant freedom from ISP based e-mails. It was one of the first web-based e-mail services.
It was only later in 1997 that it was sold to Microsoft and became part of MSN group of services.
In 2005, MSN group made a formal announcement that it intended to change the name of Hotmail to Windows Live Mail but it was later changed to Windows Live Hotmail as some of us, who did beta-testing of the new version, were confused because of name-change. There are two ways of accessing MSN Hotmail Inbox:
1. Through Web-based service using a web-browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.
2. Through POP3 access using applications such as Outlook or Outlook Express.

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Procedure to sign in to Msn hot mail account

Msn hotmail is a web application started by Microsoft for the convenience of people all over the world to send and receive email. This email service provider has been very popular from the beginning days. It is one of the safest and best method through which a person can send and receive email without getting hacked by others. Many people who are using the email services which are being offered by others feel somewhat little bit uneasy when sending email to others. Continue reading

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